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SARA (Search and Applications Research Assistant) is the best courses search tool for you to find courses that match your interests and academic level. You can use SARA just for searching for postgraduate courses, but SARA is the only search tool that can give you recommendations based on our experience as well as a wealth of data; we have helped hundreds of thousands of students just like you find a place at the best fit university for them.

You can search for Postgraduate courses in the UK, compare courses, see details like when courses start, course contents, course modules, etc... and most importantly you can apply to universities with Intake right away!

Search postgraduate courses in the UK

How we calculate scores?

For over 25 years, Intake has been helping students to study abroad. We are in the fortunate position to have decades of data to calculate the chance that you have of being accepted by a UK university.

How does it work?

The "acceptance chance" is a weighted average of up to three partial scores regarding your academic score/GPA compared to:

  • ● The official requirements from the university
  • ● The minimum acceptable academic level according to our experienced counsellors
  • ● Previous applicants who received offers of admission

If your "chances" are 50%, then we estimate that one out of two people from your university with your academic result would be accepted.
We use a sophisticated algorithm to give a good estimation, but this focuses on academic scores only. Academic scores are not the only factor. Your language ability, work experience, and activities outside of the classroom will also play a role.

Speak with a counsellor

The search results presented are based on students who have received professional advice from one of our counsellors and used our services to ensure application documents are the best they can be. We estimate that using this free service can increase your chance of admission by 5% to 20%.
Your customized search results and acceptance estimates are a great starting point for you in your research, but we highly recommend that you speak with one of our counsellors about your future study. Not only will they give a more accurate vision of your options, but they give the best advice for the crucial decisions regarding your education and your future.

Talk to UK universities in Taiwan

Do you want to talk to universities in person? We work with most universities from the UK and they come to visit our offices every now and then. You can book an appointment to talk to university representatives at our offices and get the best advice from universities and counsellors too!

True, rankings are very important and we all use them as a reference. However, that's not the only factor you should consider when making a decision that will affect your future career! Come and talk to us about why you want to study abroad and what type of experience you are looking for. Depending on what you want to do with your future and who you are, you may want to apply to different universities and courses in the UK.

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Know what score to be accepted

Your academic performance, your score and the university where you studied in Taiwan are factors that UK universities look at when considering your application. SARA calculates your acceptance chances for UK universities by looking at your educational background, statistical data and rules based on our 25 years of experience helping students to apply to UK universities. That's great!
However, this number is a computer generated estimation that does not factor in other aspects that are very important too. This is soft science! If you really want to know your real chances, and more importantly, what universities and courses you should consider, the best way is to talk to an expert Intake study overseas counselor.

Want a scholarship? It's not always that easy to get one! There are many universities offering scholarships for studying in the UK. Talk to us to see if you are eligible and we will assist you with the application!

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